Ronny Wiskin,CEAC provides services in the development, planning and preparation of as built drawings, construction drawings and specifications to ensure that the appropriate recommendations and plans are prepared and developed to achieve optimal accessibility in the built environment. Our services include pre-design services, planning, provision of designs, drawings, specifications, feasibility reports, building audits and other technical submissions as needed.

Ronny Wiskin, CEAC – Accessibility Consultant

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Ronny Wiskin has consistently committed his ventures & company leadership to meeting client needs for over 25 years, by offering tremendous value, service and experience in the fields of accessibility products, design / construction, commercial renovations and home improvements. He is sought out as an expert witness and provides accessibility auditing and reporting services to rehab providers and legal professionals representing clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. Ronny’s main focus since September 2015, is the management and growth of the accessibility division of MED+ Medical Equipment Distribution, an established provider of mobility and rehab products since 1989. He operates by his core values of listening to the customer and enhancing their quality of life with integrity and honesty. His vision is ‘to continually strengthen the social fabric by keeping families together and is recognised as an industry leader who is dedicated to helping people live, work and play comfortably and independently in fully accessible homes and workplaces. He has been a featured home modification and accessibility expert in the media including CTV News, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Magazine, Greater Toronto Area Construction Report, Vision TV and several publications representing various communities of people with access needs. Ronny's commitment to his community, his customers and his family stems from a deep desire to help people reach their full potential by becoming self-sufficient and lead satisfying fulfilling lives. He is a passionate leader and entrepreneur who continues to strive to add value with every customer and venture.